About Us

MedAustron is a leading center for ion therapy and research. Our facility is a CE-certified, synchrotron-based particle accelerator and, as such, one of only six in the world that can provide different types of particles - specifically protons and carbon ions

At our facility, therapy and research enjoy equal priority. We are the only facility in the world where particles are used for both clinical applications for cancer treatment and translational research projects, and whose infrastructure is also designed for this dual operation.

Another unique feature: we are both manufacturer and operator of a certified medical device according to MDR 2017/745. This gives us extensive expertise in all aspects of a particle accelerator facility: 

  • Hard- and software
  • Concept and planning
  • Commissioning and operation
  • Certification
  • Maintenance and service
  • Radiation protection
  • Training

We make this knowledge available to external projects.

Together with partners from science and industry, we have not only designed the accelerator facility, but also developed innovative medical technology solutions for the patient rooms.